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With warmer weather and summer events to look forward to, the City of Salida says that it hopes that community members and visitors alike can enjoy the city via bicycle as safely as possible. The city has created new bike-friendly signage to help bicyclers to understand what etiquette is appropriate for which area of the city.

Many may have noticed the stenciled sidewalk reminders that can be found around town asking those with bikes to dismount on sidewalks in town. Salida is a bike-friendly community that encourages riders to explore the City on two (or more) wheels.

To keep everyone safe, they suggest following these guidelines:

New pedestrian zone sidewalk stencils appearing on all 4 corners of F Street in Salida, seen from First Street to Third. Merrell Bergin photo

  • Wear a helmet
  • Always ride with the flow of traffic
  • Stay on designated paths, trails and streets
  • Follow posted traffic signs and stop at all stop signs on the street
  • Be predictable and make your intentions clear to motorists and pedestrians
  • Think ahead and anticipate what drivers, pedestrians and others will do next
  • Dismount and walk your wheels on sidewalks in downtown Salida

In regard to the opening for the summer of the pedestrian-friendly “F Street Plaza” (which will block off two full blocks of F St. to auto traffic)  City Administrator, Drew Nelson explained, “We know there are some people who feel that anything other than foot traffic is inappropriate; however, it would be impossible to police [the plaza area to keep it only foot traffic].  We’ve placed some stencils throughout downtown to indicate “Walk Your Wheels” as the preferred way of moving around.”

Ultimately those on two or more wheels are asked to follow the above guidelines to keep all safe during the summer months.