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As readers of Ark Valley Voice (AVV) know, we exist to serve the residents of the Arkansas River Valley and beyond, reporting free, fact-based news directly to you about this community. Our mission is a simple; that during these turbulent times when rumors and outright lies are being presented as “fact”, as a pandemic swirls around us, and political divides are wider than ever, that truth should have a voice.

During these trying times, our ad revenue  is down considerably because retailers are hurting too. The situation means that you, our readers have a real opportunity to see your donations make a vital difference!

AVV has been selected as one of only 25 Colorado news organizations to receive a matching grant from the Colorado Media Project, funded by the Rose Community Foundation. The catch: we have to raise $5,000 in community donations by Dec. 31, to get the $5,000 match.

We have a little more than 12 hours — until 12:00 Midnight tonight, Dec. 31 — to meet our Ark Valley Voice #newsCOneeds goal of $5,000 in donations to unlock the matching grant.

So far, we have raised $4,300 thanks to the generosity of our readers; we’re getting closer — but we still have a ways to go!

This is vital revenue, every penny of which goes to cover our reporter’s wages and fuels the truth-seeking, in-depth journalism that you rely on — news  that helps makes Chaffee County a better place to live, work and play.

Your donation can make a real difference — this news match campaign amounts to two months wages for AVV reporters who cover government action, healthcare, business and the economy, as well as critical nonprofit developments, climate, environment and the key issues of this valley! Every dollar, including anything received past that goal is all designated for reporter wages. Is there any better place to designate your support than supporting the fact-based journalism that lies at the core of our democracy?

To help us cross the finish line, the Colorado Media Project is matching your contributions dollar for dollar. Won’t you join your fellow readers in showing your support of homegrown journalism that works for Colorado?

Please help us reach our goal. Give here, before midnight December 31.


Ark Valley Voice #Newsmatch Challenge