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High Country Bank received the tenth Chaffee’s Got Heart Community Spotlight. The board spoke with Marketing Director, James Bove to find out how the pandemic changed operations and to discuss why High Country Bank, which is dedicated to “building futures together,” decided to sponsor this important work.

When asked how High Country is supporting the Chaffee’s Got Heart Campaign, Bove explained “As a business, we are following every single rule that comes with the HEART campaign, but we’ve also gone beyond that to be super proactive with our paid leave and sick time to  encourage anyone feeling sick to stay home.”

He continued, “We’ve gone above and beyond with disinfecting, cleaning, signs, social distancing and mask wearing, and if our employees can’t make it for a free test through public health, we will pay for their test. We have made sure to follow every bit of what the HEART campaign stands for, and we’ve also tried our best to donate to Public Health in different ways to support the team in letting the community know what’s going on  during the pandemic.”

Image courtesy of Chaffee’s Got Heart.

Bove went on to explain why the bank decided to sponsor the Chaffee’s Got Heart Campaign. “High Country Bank is community-focused, so our main goal is to help the community succeed and get through tough times. Each year we set up a program to determine our donation budget, but this year completely changed events and sponsorships. We had to act on our feet and see where support was needed most.”

“By supporting the Chaffee’s Got Heart campaign, we can help the community get through this. Whether it’s supporting CCPH with advertising dollars so they can get information out or it’s providing lunch to CCPH staff so they can work all day testing or vaccinating our community members, we feel it’s imperative to help CCPH since their work is critical to getting our community through this tough time.”

When asked what he would say to other businesses looking for a way to support this work, Bove said “getting through, it is going to impact our businesses. It’s been a tough year, but if you can spare a little to support the entity trying to help us get back on our feet, it’s a good place to start.”

Bove ended by saying “First, we want to thank CCPH. We know you’ve gone through some really tough times dealing with everything and you’ve worked so hard to put the community first, and to put the sake of everyone else above your own. Second, we want to thank all the essential workers who have helped keep restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, and all the other critical services open, clean and going over the past year.”

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