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Overnight Thursday into early Friday morning, May 15, a four-county, high-speed chase of a teenager driving a car stolen in Los Angeles ended in a single-car crash and arrest. The chase involved four counties, Eagle, Lake, Chaffee, and Park Counties, at speeds  exceeding 140 mph.

Colorado State Patrol. members of the American Association of State Troopers

The chase began around 7: 25 p.m. near Gypsum in Eagle County, where Colorado State Patrol troopers tried to stop the Volkswagen Jetta, headed east on Interstate 70 going around 120 mph. Rather than stopping, the driver fled with troopers in pursuit.

The Vail Daily reports that in just eight minutes after that original call, the Jetta had traveled 27 miles east to the Avon area. According to Colorado State Patrol, by that time it was rolling at around 140 mph and weaving, About 11 minutes later, troopers managed to get it stopped, where the  two underage teens in the car exited the vehicle.

The 17-year-old girl remained out of the car, while the 17-year-old boy got back into the car, and fled, striking a Colorado State Patrol car and driving on one of the Vail bike paths. He was seen heading east up Vail pass and south on U.S. 91, then drove onto U.S. 24 into Lake County.

Given the terrain and danger to other motorists, the Colorado State Patrol called off the hot pursuit. About an hour later, the Jetta was reported by a driver who was coming down Trout Creek Pass into Chaffee County. The driver reported the car traveling at high speeds up the pass toward Park County with its lights out; passing drivers on the right-margins of the road.

Park County officials took up pursuit and another hour later picked up the trail on U.S. 24, reporting that the Jetta was traveling about 138 mph. The underage driver crashed the car at Wilkerson Pass and fled on foot. A search ensued and the underage teen was taken into custody around 5 a.m. There is no word on any injuries he might have sustained in the crash.

Multiple charges are pending.