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With so many staying in-state for the Holiday season, shipping dates are more important than ever this year. The earlier you ship; the less overwhelmed that shipping workers will be.

It may seem like a small ask, but this is really an opportunity to help these workers all over the country who have already been working tirelessly (and laboring under facemasks) to get your mail and packages to you on time.

Image by Claudio Schwarz. Courtesy of Unsplash

Remember, it’s not just the people who deliver the “last mile” to your door. It’s the counter clerks, patiently answering your questions, the people on the phone and in online computer centers, those sorting and warehouse personnel, the cargo pilots and many others who never have the pleasure of handing you your mail or package.

Ark Valley Voice has compiled a list of deadlines to get your presents to your loved ones on time within the United States.

In addition to the usual holiday blizzard of mail and packages, consider this: FedEx and UPS are gearing up for an unprecedented volume of time- critical , super-refrigerated COVID-19 vaccine delivery – starting now.  If plane and truck capacity is limited already, due to online pandemic shipping, imagine what the impact of vaccine shipments will be?  Judging from the extra drivers and material handlers trolling downtown Salida and Buena Vista already, there’s no time to waste to get your shipment on the way.

Remember that ALL mail that leaves Salida now goes to Denver first – even if it is for a Salida street address or PO Box, let alone neighboring towns or faraway cities.  And the Denver sorting stations continue to be extremely overburdened since the election season.

The point is: like the Stock Market: past history is no guarantee of future performance.

If you are using the United Postal Service, the following dates are recommended. (These dates exclude mail to Alaska and Hawaii.)

  • December 15 for Retail Ground
  • December 18 for First-Class Mail
  • December 19 for Priority Mail
  • December 23 for Priority Mail Express

If you plan on using UPS, the following are the recommended deadlines:

  • December 15 is the last day for Ground Service
  • December 21 for Three Day Select Services
  • December 22 for Second Day Air Service
  • December 23 for Next Day Air Service

FedEx has the following recommended deadlines:

  • December 15 for Ground Services
  • December 21 for Express Saver and Three-Day Freight Services
  • December 22 for Two-Day A.M. and Two-Day Freight Services
  • December 23 for One-day Freight, Extra hours, Standard Overnight, Priority Overnight and First Overnight
  • December 25 for Same Day, Same Day City Priority and Same Day City Direct Services.