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Solvista Health has teamed up with Chaffee County Public Health (CCPH) to create a way to “check-in” with community members and see how they are doing during the Stay at Home order issued by the Governor and CCPH. Visit The Chaffee County Community Check-in to find the survey.

Solvista and CCPH wanted to find a way to take the pulse of the community in a way that allowed them to use the anonymous feedback to create meaningful resources, outreach efforts and solutions. “While Chaffee County is strong and resilient, COVID-19 is testing our patience, understanding, and compassion,” said CCPH Director Andrea Carlstrom.

“This tool will help us understand how our community is emotionally responding to COVID-19 as we thoughtfully offer resources and supports related to mental health,” said Carlstrom. “We appreciate the close partnership that Chaffee County Public Health and Solvista Health have in our county. We are all in this together!”

The survey only takes about three minutes to complete. Questions focus on how people are practicing and coping with physical distancing. It asks people to share the ways people are staying socially connected; and what types of resources people need in this time. The data will be collected and used to target Chaffee County resources to better meet the needs surfaced by the survey.

Those with questions about the survey, can call Chaffee County Public Health at 719-539-4510. For those struggling emotionally and needing someone to talk to, call Solvista Health at 719-539-6502 or text TALK to 38255.