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Ark Valley Voice, like many other on-line media news sources, offers their readers a choice of methods for receiving their news stories. One easy option is to click on the “subscribe” tab at the top right of this page where you can register on the site and elect to receive a weekly summary of the news stories. This article describes how you can set up another option that allows you to receive your news immediately as it is posted, using an RSS feed.

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and is a protocol used to get news delivered directly to your desktop using an RSS aggregator. Follow the simple instructions below on how to set this feature up for Ark Valley Voice or for other news media sources such as CNN, Reuters or almost any other news provider using an RSS Reader.

There are many different ways that you can choose to set up a news RSS feed so these instructions step you through some different options. The first option is just to click on the RSS icon at the top right of the screen (see the picture above). This will take you to a setup page (see below) which will ask you if you would like to subscribe to this feed using an RSS reader. The default RSS reader is Bloglines but others can be selected by clicking on the down arrow to the right of Bloglines (see below).

Once you have selected the RSS Aggregator to use, hit the “Subscribe Now” button and the Ark Valley Voice RSS feed will be added to this reader. A description of the free Bloglines software and also links to other easy-to-use RSS readers can be found at this link.

You can also use RSS to read Ark Valley Voice on your Android or iPhone by downloading an RSS reader app. One popular free app is Feedly. If you download Feedly from Google Play or the Apple app store, then it will direct you first to set up a free user account. You can then search on the App for sites that you want to read the RSS feed. Type into the search bar “” and Feedly will add the Ark Valley Voice to your news feeds. It also offers you a host of other sources to pick from a variety of different topics so you can customize your own feed on subjects of interest to you. Feedly will also let you view your RSS feeds from a browser on any PC or tablet.

My own preferred way of viewing the RSS feed is by using my email software, Outlook. To do this, you right click on your list of Outlook folders and then select “Add a new RSS Feed” (see below). Enter in the following link to receive the RSS feed from Ark Valley Voice, .

As a tip, if you need help finding the RSS feed URL on a website, right-click on the RSS icon, and select “Copy link address” which will then copy the address needed to enter that content into your RSS Feed location box. With this method, you will see new stories from Ark Valley Voice, or other news sources of your choice, show up as emails in this new RSS Feed folder as shown below.

Any of these methods will allow you to view the Ark Valley Voice news content live they are posted using the RSS feed. I hope you will enjoy this option to read local news and also take advantage of the RSS reader options to explore other on-line news content that you may enjoy reading.

Galloping Geek