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The Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center (HRRMC) Board of Directors had their monthly meeting on May 18. The Board heard a wide variety of reports, including a brief report on post-COVID rehabilitation clinics and the hospital’s financial summary for the first four months of 2021, and voted on board elections and appointments. 

New Post-COVID Rehab Clinic

The board heard from two physicians with the Post-COVID Rehab Clinic based at the Salida campus. Post-COVID recovery challenges include shortness of breath and low oxygen, difficulty walking, fatigue, anxiety and depression, and other complications. 

“The clinic will function as an interdisciplinary team to address all of the needs each patient has in their post-COVID recovery,” Acute Care Rehab Supervisor Sarah Nazarro told the board. “Our goal with this program is to let patients know that we’re the people who can help and you don’t have to continue to live with this. The focus for all of this is to restore their quality of life.” 

Most types of this special clinic’s services will be covered by insurance. The exercise physiology sessions will have a $20 self-pay per visit, but they emphasized that financial assistance is available and they don’t want to turn anyone away. 

Year-to-Date Financials Positive

The first four months of 2021 have been positive for the hospital’s financials. Total patient service revenues came to nearly $17.17 million in April, well over the budgeted expectation of around $14.62 million. Outpatient revenues saw major above-budget variances in surgical services, patient supplies, lab and pathology, imaging services, emergency services, and rehab services. Meanwhile, inpatient revenues came in just under budget, along with under-budget revenues from the Intensive Care Unit and Adults/Peds. 

The hospital was over budget on their operating expenses for April. Purchased Services, Professional Fees, Department Supplies, Minor Equipment, and Leases all came in over budget this month, pushing total operating expenses over budget by $351,010. The hospital’s net operating gain for April came to around $1.37 million for the month and $3.83 million for the year. It saw an increase in net position of $1.3 million for the month and $3.6 million for the year. 

New Arrivals at the HRRMC Campus

Solvista Health broke ground on May 6 for their Regional Assessment Center, and Board Member Dr. Harry Payton reported that they had excavators in the next day to begin construction.

The Rocky Mountain Eye Center has begun accepting patients, though there is not yet a set date for their grand opening. CEO Bob Morasko reported that HRRMC also signed a contract with Associates of GI, based in Colorado Springs, to provide services beginning June 4, to replace the Peak Gastroenterology Group.

The Board also approved the installation of new custom-made transfer switches that will help ensure safety and stable power, reducing the potential for future power outages.

The basement remodeling project at the main HRRMC campus, which includes the struggling boiler system, HVAC, plumbing, and cabinetry updates, has been put on hold until the hospital has a clearer idea of the scope of work needed, the cost of the project, and waits for the arrival of pipes.  They are pricing the cost of purchasing and installing two new instant boilers at the hospital, one of which will serve as a backup. 

Buena Vista Health Clinic Update, Board Officers Elected

Meanwhile, at the Buena Vista Health Clinic (BVHC), the construction of an expanded waiting room has been put on hold as the staff moves to adjust workflow and patient movement to eliminate the waiting room need. However, the clinic will need to raise the parking lot, adjust the slope to the front door, and remove the flower bed near the entrance to become ADA-compliant. The art committee previously met to discuss artwork needed for the BVHC expansion and will be reaching out to local artists for submissions.  

The Board also went forward with its annual election of officers, approving the current officers to retain their positions. Likewise, the Board committee appointments were approved in their same positions. 

The HRRMC Board of Directors also held their annual appointment of the HRRMC Foundation Board, a separate board that consists of community members. The Foundation Board appointments will take effect in June 2021: 

  • Chair: Daniel Wardrop, M.D. 
  • Vice-Chair: Bill Mehos, M.D. 
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Bob Morasko
  • Foundation Board Liaison: Jean Moltz 

The board will meet again on June 22, 2021, at 6:00 p.m. in the HRRMC Shavano Conference Room on the Salida campus. Any public comment should be registered on arrival and each speaker will be limited to three minutes.