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Meet Your Trustees: Part II

In a continuation of Meet Your Trustees: Part I, incoming trustees Sue Cobb and Mark Jenkins and returning trustee Gina Lucrezi discuss the priorities they want the town to focus on, explaining their plans for involvement in other town boards and committees, and share what they’re looking forward to in their terms. 

What issues do you feel should be priorities for the town? How do you want to bring more focus to those issues?

Lucrezi: “Water and housing are at the top of the list, which ultimately affect and shape town growth. Tourism and recreation are also important topics that require attention.

Buena Vista’s town hall doors. AVV file photo.

I’d love to see more public comments and attendance at the various board and commission meetings. It’s important for residents to speak up, to share their thoughts, concerns, and also what they enjoy or appreciate.”  

Jenkins: “In my opinion, the key issues are related to growth and the impacts from development, such as water availability, essential infrastructure, the capacity of the school system and emergency services, and affordable housing … To bring focus to this, I would first like to see a revision of our existing 2015 Comprehensive Plan, so that the perspectives of community members inform our … policy decisions. 

“I’d also like to prioritize existing and new collaborations with the Chaffee Housing Trust, funding partners, developers, and other viable entities to maximize the inclusion of affordable housing. A key component to all this is the education of the public, to raise awareness of the realities of what our community faces and what we can all do, working together.”

Cobb: “Buena Vista is at one of the strongest points I’ve seen in the nearly two decades I’ve been part of the community …  However, great futures don’t just happen. They require planning, vision, careful financial management, and the courage to make difficult decisions. While not everyone may agree on a path forward, I think most of us agree we face significant challenges to responsibly managing the growth we’re experiencing and maintaining the special character of our historic town and the great quality of life it offers.  

“The top priorities I see for ensuring a sustainable future are increasing affordable housing and conserving, expanding, and protecting our water supply. In addition, I’d like to see our community continue to diversify our economy; expand our transportation options; protect and expand our abundant recreational opportunities … and continue planning and zoning in a manner that promotes responsible land use and sustainable development in keeping with the character of the town.

“I hope to bring focus to these and other priorities in part by working to engage the community in the processes and decisions that affect them. The current board and staff are working aggressively on these issues, but public input is essential. The town website ( and its new projects portal ( have amazing resources … I strongly encourage everyone to engage in the matters they care about. It’s easy to do, and it will serve all of us for you to learn about those issues and have your say before they advance to a vote.”

How do you plan to be involved in other town advisory boards/committees?

Lucrezi: “I’m now a liaison for the Buena Vista Trails Advisory Board. I attend their meetings to listen and observe, and will share my thoughts when appropriate or needed.”

Jenkins: “As I did in my first term as Trustee, I’m willing to serve as board liaison as needed. I have a variety of interests and am open to helping where it’s the best fit. I believe that our advisory boards are very important to our community, and I will want to support their efforts and become educated about related issues as part of my service.”

Cobb: “I look forward to serving on one or more of the town advisory boards and/or committees. I understand that as a new trustee, I’ll have an opportunity to work out these assignments with my colleagues on the board after I’m sworn into office. I also hope to closely monitor and, if the opportunity presents itself, participate in discussions on matters in which the interests of Buena Vista intersect with those of the County.”

What are you most looking forward to in your term as Trustee?

Lucrezi: “I’m most looking forward to serving our community by listening to their wants and needs while helping to shape the future of Buena Vista with a mindful outlook on what makes this town so unique and special to those who reside in and visit BV.”

Jenkins: “A: Helping the Board deepen its commitment to higher-level strategic thinking and planning through Policy Governance. B: Giving Town Staff clear direction on their work related to growth and current issues and supporting them in this work. C: Collaborating with community members and other trustees. D: Contributing to keeping the special feel, that is Buena Vista, alive and thriving.”

Cobb: “Learning more about the town and our residents, doing my part to ensure a sustainable future for a place I love, and helping residents understand and participate more fully in the matters and decisions that affect them and their families.”

The town is also looking to fill an additional seat after the resignation of Trustee Norm Nyberg. The Town of Buena Vista Board of Trustees is accepting Letters of Interest from Town residents seeking to serve as a Trustee to fill the vacancy. Letters of Interest must be submitted to Paula Barnett, Town Clerk, by 5:00 p.m. Monday, May 2, 2022.

Interested residents may submit a letter in person at Town Hall, 210 East Main Street, by email to, or by U.S. mail to P.O. Box 2002, Buena Vista, CO 81211. The Board of Trustees will make the appointment to fill the vacancy at their regular meeting on Tuesday, May 10, 2022, after receiving presentations from the candidates that evening.

Those with questions or who need additional information should contact Buena Vista Town Clerk Paula Barnett at 719-581-1017.