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Some call this GivingTuesday — here at Ark Valley Voice we call it Giving Newsday.

During this global day of generosity, people nationwide will receive appeals from the organizations in their communities that serve them. Nonprofit news is dedicated to providing trustworthy news and telling the stories that would otherwise go untold.

Ark Valley Voice (AVV) is the only full-news organization in the Upper Arkansas Valley that operates as a nonprofit — making every donation you make to AVV — whether a recurring donation or a one-time gift — 100 percent tax deductible. When you give to AVV during this NewsMatch timeframe — your donation will be doubled by the NewsMatch grant from the Institute for Nonprofit News and the Lenfest Institute — so even a $6.00 monthly donation turns into  $12.00 every month. It might not sound like much, but for the hardworking journalists of AVV — it would mean a lot.

Your support of local, trusted news provided free to readers, makes you a partner in our mission to give truth a voice. Our work is to provide fact-based news and information. It’s not our job to tell you what to think – it’s our job to give you things to think about to make up your own minds about issues.

Here’s the reality: an informed community is a more democratic community — so supporting journalism supports democracy. We hope when you decide on your donations today that you consider that a role you share with AVV. We don’t take it lightly, and suspect that you don’t either.

To donate, just follow this link to the AVV donation page: where you can set up a PayPal donation, or get the info to write a check. If we can get to $15,000 in local donations by December 31, 2022, we’ll qualify for a $15,000 NewsMatch — all of which goes to support the work of our local journalists.