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jalaBlu Yoga has received the eighth community spotlight from Chaffee’s Got Heart. The board spoke with the owner and founder of jalaBlue, Jenna Pfingston to find out how the pandemic changed operations at the studio in Buena Vista. jalaBlu welcomes all levels, supports individuals’ journeys wherever they may be, infuses self-discovery, and holds the intention to discover the power in you.

Pfingston explained how COVID-19 made the studio innovate “Though challenging, this was a beautiful invitation for all of us to look at our businesses from a different perspective. When COVID first hit, we flipped to an online yoga studio. A dear friend helped me completely change our website and set up an online platform for practice. The progression of getting everyone – teachers and students of all age groups – dialed into Zoom took some time and individual troubleshooting, but we did it together.”

Image courtesy of Chaffee’s Got Heart.

She continued “I also took this as an invitation to lower our prices way down, so we offered an unlimited monthly option. Our community was so committed to seeing jalaBlu make it through these challenging times that we had remarkable online attendance through spring. We weren’t bringing in the money foundation we needed to, but it was more important to keep people in their practice, to keep people in balance with their emotions and all they were facing.”

“When we could reopen the studio, we did so in a way that kept the community safe. We followed distancing, masking, and capacity limits, invested in an air purifier, and shifted to doing all business online, including registering and paying. We used to have 16 classes per week, but now only have 6 per week.”

“We still have a higher online attendance, but also know that some people need to come in person for that energy and human contact, so we allow nine students in the studio per class and I also offer private one-on-one yoga sessions,” added Pfingston.

When asked why she decided to go above and beyond for the community Pfingston said “There was no question in my heart that the priority was keeping the community safe. jalaBlu is a profound and significant place for people to be who they are, and to heal, so we wanted to make sure it was a safe, healthy one.”

Pfingston went on to explain where else she sees as examples of the idea that “Chaffee’s Got Heart” She said “In the way the community reached out. They made it apparent how much they needed jalaBlu to survive. I received so many beautiful cards, emails, and bundles of abundance from the community that helped keep me and jalaBlu going. I don’t think jalaBlu’s doors would still be open without all the generosity – from grants to individual generosity – it was unbelievable to me. I never imagined how many people would donate and it has helped tremendously. That’s the sweetness of being in a small community like Buena Vista.”

Image courtesy of Chaffee’s Got Heart.

She continued “I also need to give a huge shoutout to my teachers who really stuck with me! It hasn’t been easy and it’s not like they make a ton of money, but I would not have been able to do it without the solid core group I have by my side.”

Pfingston’s biggest takeaway from 2020 is “It’s OK to be human. We are all humans, and this has not been an easy ride for anybody. We don’t always have to have it all together. We can be messy, but sometimes we feel the grace. This year a lot of people have recognized the beauty of simplicity in their lives. It’s illuminated that we need to let things unfold. We may not always have the answers, but we have to have faith and trust anyway.”

“We need jalaBlu now more than ever,” said Pfingston. “If you are still in a place of struggle, please join us.” jalaBlu is recognized for having yoga instructors, who don’t only hold space for the physical body and move you into shapes, but who also hold space for the emotional body, too.

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Private yoga or primal embodied wisdom sessions are available online or in-person.  Click here to learn more. Pfingston never wants money to be a barrier, so email jalablue@gmail to inquire about an energy exchange that works.