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If you are looking for a fun way to get your kids to want to read more, join Partnership for Community Action’s (PfCA) “Bookmarks and Burritos”program.

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Each month a different topic is highlighted with books in multiple reading levels. Kids choose a book from their favorite library’s Bookmarks and Burritos display.

After they’ve read and returned the book, participants answer a couple short questions on their book which gets them their free burrito voucher from either local restaurant partners Mo Burrito in Salida or Pancho’s in Buena Vista. “They just have to read” explained co-founder of PfCA, Jimmy Sellars.

“What I like about this program the most is it is for all age groups, it’s not just elementary school and so it really pushes high school students equally as middle school or elementary school students to read and broadens their topics as far as what they read about,” said Sellars.

Participating libraries include:

Speaking about this month’s program, Sellars said “This is National Mentoring Month so the librarians will select a range of books on mentoring, working together and teamwork.”

“We’re hoping that the kids will read the books themselves or maybe the parents will read the books to the kids or  share in that. So incidentally we’re getting the whole family involved, not only in the program but also in the topic that the book is covering,” said Mark Monroe, co-founder of PfCA.

If community members would like to support the program financially, donations can be made here. To learn more, click here.