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On Monday morning, February 13, District 11 Judge Diana Bull granted a stay of euthanization in the case of the Daniff Mastiff named Echo, who was scheduled by the Ark-Valley Humane Society (AVHS) to be put down on Tuesday, February 14.

Echo, wearing the harness that the Vroomans say is what he is used to wearing. Photo by Sophia Vrooman.

A court hearing on the case has been scheduled for Thursday, February 23 at which time Bull will rule on whether the dog can be released either to Shawn and Sophia Vrooman or to some form of foster-training care.

Ryan Drengler, attorney for the Vroomans has been in touch with the AVHS attorney regarding what options might be acceptable to get Echo moved out of the space he is in at AVHS, reportedly with plans to submit a proposal by the end of the week.

AVHS is a Colorado Pet Animal Care Facilities Act (PACFA) facility. According to measurements of the dog, and the stated bit-quarantine kennel size, it does not appear that the space meets PACFA (Pet Animal Care Facility Act) kennel size requirements for a giant dog.

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