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Regular Council Meeting Hears Request Regarding Farmers Market

After a short break from the preceding joint work session, the Salida City Council moved into its regular meeting agenda on July 5. Upon passing the Consent Agenda, a few residents spoke during the Citizen Comment section.

Salida Farmers Market. Image courtesy of Foodshed Alliance.

Long-time resident Marianne Katte expressed concerns about the Farmers Market in Alpine Park.  She said the grass is too high and there are cables underfoot, so she can’t use her walker.

She suggested that organizers turn the booths outward to face the sidewalks, which would give her access to all the booths and not just a few for her weekly shopping.

Photo by Brooke Gilmore.


Christine Cook, a Palace Hotel short-term rental (STR) owner invited council members to a July 21 tour of the Palace. As a member of the HOA there, she and the group are organizing to oppose a proposed ballot measure taxing STR owners, where the funds would be dedicated to workforce housing.

Cook maintains that the small-size units are not suitable for long-term rentals in any case and that the property is “different” from other STRs. (How she did not specify.)

STR owner/manager Bill Borman quoted the Salida Civility Invocation in his preface to opposing a tax on STRs for his seven units and two tiny houses.

“We are here working together to create a thriving community…We are confident that there may be even better solutions than any of us have thought of, which may be discovered through civil conversations,” he said.

Citing the large cumulative local spend and sales tax contributions by visitors in his units, Borman said he felt that the tax on STR owners did not make sense. As his allotted time ran out, he did not cite his nightly rate, nor what he would need to pass on to his guests (as the proposed rate is not yet set).

Finally, Nancy Dominick of CR 105 expressed her displeasure with gravel dust and a road closure on CR 105 that she attributed to the Salida RV Park Resort project. Dominick previously received a settlement in 2017 from the city over various issues relating to water rights at her property. The city later responded that gravel dust issues are up to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) to deal with and that road closures are generally handled by the contractor.

Council Moves Ordinance 2022-10 Forward to Public Hearing

In new business, Council addressed the previously considered Ordinance 2022-10 seeking to convey the Salida Community Center to its long-time operators, Salida Seniors, LLC.  As previously reported in AVV, with widespread Council work session support, members unanimously approved moving this ordinance forward to a public hearing, which, if approved, would place it on the November ballot.

Council Reports

Harald Kasper is currently a city council member for Ward 3. Image courtesy of the City of Salida

Among Council reports, member Harald Kasper noted highlights from the recent Colorado Municipal League (CML) conference that he, council member Justin Critelli and City Administrator Nelson attended.

Speaking to research that shows that the creative arts are a major economic driver in Colorado, Council Member Critelli noted that there is $99 million in community grants for creativity needs that Salida can tap into.

In his remarks, Council Member Kasper quoted CML speakers as saying “Creativity is to the 21st century as plows were to the 18th century.”  Regarding climate action and sustainability sessions, Kasper said that Chaffee is “way behind” in adopting newer energy codes and hoped that the November 2022 County Commissioners election would speed progress.

Next, he called out the recent Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. In a call for action, he received support from the council to issue a public statement about the decision and its impact. Finally, he offered to spread “reflective listening” training to all council members to aid in Salida City Council public comments during council meetings.

The Council then moved to go into Executive Session to discuss election process options and timelines.

Featured image: Salida City Council members Dominique Naccarato, Justin Critelli, Mayor Dan Shore Jane Templeton, Alisa Pappenfort and Harald Kasper pictured in April, 2022 work session. Not shown, but attending virtually is Council Member Mike Pollock. Merrell Bergin photo