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The saga of KHEN 106.9 community radio station transmission continues. Early this morning the live broadcast was again knocked off the air. Programming is still available by going to and clicking the “LIVE” button, but the mystery of why the transmitter isn’t transmitting continues.

After being off air all day last Friday, April 13, and making plans for a temporary transmitter borrowed from KCME radio in Colorado Springs to be installed Sunday, the station mysteriously came back up again on its own late Saturday.

“No reason could be determined for the station’s self recovery,” said board president Leslie Matthews. “Our radio engineer came on Sunday morning from Colorado Springs but could not diagnose a problem since everything was working again.”

Fast forward to Tuesday. After working for a few days, Tuesday night the station signal began to deteriorate again and went to dead air Wednesday morning. Around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday a poor and garbled signal was picked up.

The station has a plan in place to replace the STL box at KHEN with a substitute it now has on hand because of repairs by the radio engineer last Sunday. If that doesn’t solve the problem, the station will have to look at replacing the transmitter.

“I am committed to get out of the mystery phase and into the solving-the-problem phase as soon as we possibly can,” said Matthews. “In the meantime, we are up and running over the Internet.”