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In her COVID-19 update for the week of March 28, Lake County Public Health Officer Lisa Zwerdlinger, M.D., shared some upbeat news: Colorado is currently providing roughly 50,000 vaccinations per day. “We are really doing our part in getting our folks vaccinated,” she said.

She said that as of the update, 3,847 vaccines had been delivered to arms in Lake County, accounting for 32 percent of Lake County Public Health Agency’s goal.

Lake County is taking advantage of Gov. Polis’s order to open vaccinations to the general public as of April 2, and has slated a vaccination event at Colorado Mountain College in Leadville for Wednesday, April 7. The event, using the Moderna vaccine, is open to those age 18 and older. Zwerdlinger said Safeway in Leadville has the Pfizer vaccine, which has been deemed safe for people 16 and older. “Hopefully by the beginning of May, anyone who wants a vaccine will have one,” she said.

Currently the vaccines are not available to children under 16, although Pfizer recently announced the completion of a trial of 2,260 adolescents, in which its vaccine was shown to be safe for children ages 12 to 15. The three major vaccine companies – Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson – have announced plans for trials on younger children as young as six months.

The case numbers for COVID-19 appear to have plateaued in Colorado, which is showing a 4.09 percent seven-day positivity rate. Lake County, in comparison, continues to trend higher than much of the state, with a 10.08 percent two-week rate – 23 positives out of 213 tests. Zwerdlinger said Lake County’s curve isn’t as flat as she’d like to see; the percentages are higher than last summer’s surge but lower than the more recent holiday uptick.

“What’s interesting now is that the folks who are becoming infected are young folks because they have yet to be vaccinated,” she said.

To date, Lake County has seen 709 cases and one death. It is currently monitoring eight active cases.

And as always, Zwerdlinger instructed listeners to continue wearing their masks and keeping a six-foot distance in public, even if they have been fully vaccinated. “You don’t really know who’s been vaccinated, and so when you go to the store or school events you just have to keep your mask on.”