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The Leadville Ranger District is asking for input from the local community to better understand social impacts associated with events of the Leadville 100 Race Series.

“The Leadville Race Series, especially the ultra run, attracts visitors from far and wide and has been a well-known, well-attended annual event since the early 1980s,” said Leadville District Ranger Patrick Mercer. “We realize these events affect not only National Forest System lands but the entirety of Lake County. Prior to reissuing this permit, we want to better understand how these races impact our friends and neighbors.”

The LTF Triathlon Series, LLC, is requesting a new five-year permit, rather than a single-year permit. The Leadville 100 permit would include the following events:

  • Leadville Trail 100 Run Training Camp:  Takes place the last weekend in June with a maximum of 150 participants.
  • Bike Camp of Champions:  Takes place the first weekend in July with a maximum of 200 participants.
  • Leadville Stage Race:  Takes place the last weekend in July with a maximum of 300 participants.
  • Leadville 100 Ultramarathon Bike Race:  Takes place the second weekend in August with a maximum of 2,000 participants.
  • Leadville 100 Ultramarathon Running Race:  Takes place the third weekend in August with a maximum of 800 participants.

“Versus single year permits, five-year permits reduce the administrative workload for all parties and allow for smoother operations of the race series for both the Forest Service and race operators,” said Mercer.

Event permits are specific to where the races or camps occur on National Forest System (NFS) lands or roads. To better understand what might have changed over time on NFS lands, the Leadville Ranger District seeks input on current social use or impacts to race series trails or roads.  No changes to the routes or aid station areas have been proposed in the permit reissuance application.

Those wishing to provide comments or inputs should do so by March 25, 2022. Comments can be emailed to Rebekka Gardiner at, with the subject line LRS Input, or mailed to the Leadville Ranger District Office at LRS Input, Special Uses Administrator, 810 Front St., Leadville, CO, 80461.