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The SteamPlant will host an event at 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, July 31 with a presentation from President of Wildlife 2000 Sherri Tippie to discuss beavers and their role in water resources.

Sherri Tippie (Photo courtesy of The Beaver Believers)

Colorado Headwaters is inviting the community “for an entertaining and informative evening to learn how beavers can protect vital water resources, increase ecological diversity and help counter the effects of climate change.”

“Who can turn a desert into an oasis? Who can save crops and cattle from drought? Beavers!”

The press release says:  “Beavers build whole landscapes that support hundreds of other creatures. In fact, North America’s fertile landscapes are mainly the work of beavers.”

A recent press release from Colorado Headwaters states, “[Tippie] is a nationally recognized expert on beaver ecology in general and beaver live-trapping in particular.” She is also the author of the book Working With Beavers.

Tickets are $10 and kids 12 years old and younger are free. Tickets for the presentation can be found by contacting the SteamPlant Box Office or by calling (719) 221-3307.