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The new Leslie Jorgensen Art Gallery space. Courtesy image.

The Leslie Jorgensen Fine Art Gallery has moved to a new space on F Street. According to Jorgensen, the new space at 121 North F Street “offers a chance to grow and create larger works.”

The move to gallery space on F Street next to the Monarch Mountain Outpost took a few weeks with the assistance of friends who helped to paint, patch walls and do the move and the setup. The new, larger space is only one block away from Riverside Park.

Jorgensen said that she’ll miss the “sunny sweet space” she rented on First Street for the past four years, but says “I’m grateful for this opportunity and to you who are reading this right now. Your support has made it possible for me to continue to make art and grow as an artist. Let’s see what magic the next chapter brings.”

Jorgensen’s vivid and scenic art is alive with the outdoors, leaving many with the impression that they have paused to catch their breath on a trail or slope.