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The 1A campaign team thanks the community for engaging in a conversation about conservation on county ballot issue 1A to protect our forests, waters and working lands.

This is a “high-five” moment for Chaffee County.

We began with a dialog about the vision for Chaffee County’s future, and now we have voted together as a community to fund programs that will protect our quality of life. We have created the opportunity to lead the state in developing and funding innovative programs to enhance the health of our forests, protect our rural landscapes and help manage growing recreational use. We are grateful that voters embraced the vision that 1A put forth, and we are eager to roll up our sleeves and work with everyone to make it the best possible program.

We thank the many citizens, businesses and organizations who donated time, contributed to the campaign and endorsed 1A. We also thank those who pointed out areas that need additional work to ensure that the resulting funds will have maximum impact for the community. Finally, we thank our county commissioners: Keith Baker, Greg Felt and Dave Potts for crafting and unanimously referring the measure to the ballot so that voters could have the conversation.

The community demonstrated collaboration, constructive discussion and development of local solutions with 1A. We look forward to participating in continuing momentum as the community continues work to develop solutions to other top challenges including attainable housing.

Let us continue to engage and work together to build a future based on common ground.

The 1A Campaign Team:
Cindy Williams, Campaign Manager
Jeff Post, Treasurer
Andrew Mackie, Fundraising Director
Kate Garwood, Community Campaign