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Dear Editor,

We should all be extremely proud of Commissioners Felt and Baker for not embroiling County government in the symbolic declaration of “Second Amendment Sanctuary” in Chaffee County.

If Dave Williams’ suggestion that Chaffee join with other counties “to fight this in court” were adopted, it would be a shameful waste of scarce resources and taxpayer dollars. Sheriff John Speeze was right to point out the insufficient funding and services for mental health services in Chaffee and statewide.

Sheriff Speeze and all the Chaffee Commissioners presented 14 specific concerns in a letter to the Senate and governor that appear to have had an effect on the final language of the bill. This is the kind of collaboration needed to solve complex problems like mental illness, domestic violence and public safety. The symbolic gesture of promoting a “sanctuary county” or a “preservation county” is a counterproductive squandering of time and resources.

The governor has created a Behavioral Health Task Force to address many issues including implementation of the Red Flag Law. Our Commissioners and Sheriff’s collaboration have already helped shape the law and they should continue to be engaged in order to improve it.

JoAnne Allen
Nathrop, CO