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Dear Editor,

This past week I attended the Women’s Day event where Hannah Hannah was speaking. Someone in the audience asked her about the accusation in the Mountain Mail that she wears Nazi Boots, and instead of just saying she doesn’t and that it’s not true, in my opinion she gave a flighty non-answer. Then she said she actually doesn’t have to answer questions, which was certainly a perplexing and inappropriate statement for someone running in an elected position.

A few days later she went on Facebook to claim she’s being bullied by “radicals.” None of the questions at the event were radical, by any means. She was also asked extensively about the Comprehensive Plan and critical issues in Chaffee County that she plans to focus on. Again she responded with long-winded non-answers. Then she gave some speech about women being sexy again, which has absolutely nothing to do with anything going on in Chaffee County.
She doesn’t actually seem to know much about any of the issues this county is facing or have any semblance of a plan. Sure, she throws around the words “land use” and “ranchers” and “freedom”…..but with no real information or strategy.

Growing up on a ranch, loving guns, and collecting vintage clothing does not qualify you to be a commissioner of this county. I would also like to know why she is running as Hannah Hannah, because [I hear] that is not her last name. Some in town are saying it’s to signal a White Supremacist Code HH = 88 = Heil Hitler.

I do not understand this myself, but as someone of 1/4 Jewish heritage, and a grandfather who fought against Fascists in WW2 I certainly find it disturbing. Please Hannah, tell me this is not true.

Your constituents are showing up, giving you their time, and asking for answers, and you’re giving them nothing in return.

I am wary to vote for someone who seems so radically unprepared to be a leader. I am disturbed by her reluctance to talk about these accusations head-on, as well as the way she is now painting herself as a victim of “radical bullying.” And so for these reasons, I won’t be voting for Hannah Hannah.

Thank you for your time,
Sherri Long