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Dear Editor,

On July 6, the Salida Aspen Concert Series opened with a performance by Joyce Yang, internationally acclaimed pianist.  She took the audience to another universe with her masterful and heartfelt playing!

I sat through this evening and marveled at how exceptional it is that Chaffee County has six such performances a summer, all with artists from the Aspen Music Festival and School.  Even more remarkable is the fact that this has occurred for 43 straight years!

The cost to bring the series has dramatically increased over the years, but the ticket cost remains very modest, $20 for world-class performers.  To bridge a gap in this year’s costs versus revenue, the board has initiated a $7,000 fundraising campaign.  The continuation of the series for more years is at stake.

As a former board member, I urge you to attend a concert, marvel at what you will hear and donate to keep this amazing series alive.  For more information, visit the series website at

Kate Larkin