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To the Chaffee County Community:

The most meaningful support we receive invariably comes from the people closest to us. On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Chaffee County Community Foundation (CCCF), I want to thank our community for its generous support of the CCCF Emergency Response Fund (ERF). As of Tuesday morning March 31, 2020, we have $243,000 dollars in the account – 95% received in the past 14 days.

We began to disperse funds to individuals and families in need who will receive 80% of the donated funds. Individuals and families in the County who need monetary assistance are screened by the County Department of Human Services. Qualified Chaffee County residents are then entered into the CCCF database. The applications are then reviewed by CCCF Board Members who participated in donation-allocation online training.

CCCF Executive Director Joseph Teipel with CCCF Board Chair Ed Cooper.

Twenty percent of the ERF will go to nonprofit organizations that focus on projects that support our community’s response to the nation’s current health challenge, as well as future needs. The health of the nonprofit organizations in our community has been, and will remain, a key focus of the CCCF. We will provide technical support and additional resources to sustain this vital part of Chaffee County.

The Chaffee County Community Foundation was formed at an initial meeting in my living room two years ago. The formation of a community foundation was one of the top priorities in the Chaffee County Envision process. In championing the creation of our CCCF, an apolitical, ever-present organization to support the common good for our community, the initial group of supporters foresaw future needs, but perhaps not the scope of needs that are now so evident.

CCCF is a volunteer led organization with a twelve-member board of directors that provides fiscal support, volunteer time, and strategic, mission-driven leadership. The CCCF Board represents our community geographically and demographically: we range in age from under 30 to nearly 90.

We are indebted to our early contributors, including a Founders group that provided most of the operational monies in the first two years to sustain the development of the organization. Modeling excellence in leadership, our past and present executive directors continue to serve Chaffee County. CCCF will continue to provide seminars relevant to the missions of our nonprofit organizations. Soon, we will initiate our CCCF Center For the Common Good to sustain continuous and formative conversations and develop action steps to sustain our focus areas of community health, community vitality and community capacity.

Thank you for your generous support of your friends and neighbors. We are a community.

Please visit us at for more information.

Dr. Edward Cooper

Chair, Board of Directors

Chaffee County Community Foundation