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Dear Editor:

The upcoming election for Chaffee County commissioner will have lasting impact on the future of our county. I support Kimberly Parker for county commissioner and I encourage you to do so.

Her leadership skills are exceptional: critical thinking, problem solving and, most importantly, listening. She wants us all to build a future for Chaffee County where everyone can thrive regardless of age, wealth (or lack thereof), employment, or the length of time you or your family has lived in Chaffee County.

Kimberly’s opponent is a very nice guy and his family has been a tremendous asset to Salida. However, seeing him perform on the Salida City Council I saw little leadership skills and never any vision for the future. Like many very nice people, he seemed more concerned about not having conflict than solving problems, thus following the crowd.

Chaffee County residents deserve county commissioners who are energetic, listen and take divisive action that helps build a future that is best for all citizens. I think Kimberly Parker best embodies those characteristics. Please consider that when voting this November and vote for Kimberly Parker.

Louise Fish