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Dear Editor,

Unbottle and Protect Chaffee County Water introduces a proclamation to deny Nestlé permit:

Whereas, Chaffee County strives to be a model county for sustainability and Nestlé Water’s water mining/plastic bottling is not consistent with our county comprehensive plans (old and new); and

Whereas an independent study found that the economic benefits to our county do not outweigh the losses (not to mention ecological losses outside of our county); and

Whereas we have been experiencing record-breaking wildfires, drought, and an increasing population, any other use of their water allotment would be more beneficial; and

Whereas the company’s land-use plans regarding noxious weed removal, and grazing, and wetlands monitoring have not been complied with and the county should not be tasked with such oversight; and

Whereas the Colorado Division of Water Resource has documented multiple violations regarding the company’s monitoring equipment and software failures; and

Whereas the company has on multiple occasions not even turned in their annual reports on time; and

Whereas the company has been unable to meet the permit quota for hiring local drivers; and

Whereas a conservation easement was not completed within the term of the 10-year permit, and the specific river-frontage land promised was swapped out, and now a proposal for an easement includes the development of a road and a parking lot and is being used as justification for renewal; and

Whereas the original permittee, Nestlé Waters North America, has now sold 100 percent of its assets to private equity firms (BlueTriton Brands) who want the permit without applying;

Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Board of County Commissioners of Chaffee County will do the right thing and vote to deny any extensions or transfers of the existing permit.

Jen Swacina
Salida CO