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Dear Editor,
Here is my unsolicited advice to the Democrats in the House of Representatives. Forget impeachment for now. Wait for the Muller report to come out. If you have time before the 2020 election and the report has some tough facts to proceed, then go for it, after you make sure you have the votes in the house to past Articles of Impeachment and enough votes in the Senate to convict. Otherwise forget it.

Remember what Woody Hayes said about a passing game. There are only three things that can happen with the pass and two of them are bad.

You can have all the busy meeting where you call witnesses, and obtain documents to get to the bottom of something. But spend most of your efforts in fine tuning the Affordable Care Act, reduce the cost of prescription drugs, repeal of the tax cut for the fat cats, a plan to reduce the national debt, and the rest of the Democratic (party) platform. Try to work across the aisle and get some bipartisan legislation moving through congress. Do not wait for this President to approve anything in advance. Confront the President and tell him where he is wrong.

Now to shutting down the government so Trump can get his border wall, that most folks say is not needed. This partial shutdown affects federal employees big time. Here is the solution. Declare Congress and the President as not essential. Do not pay Congress and their staffs and the problem will be agreed to within 24 hours. It would be fun to hear the hue and cry of Congress telling the Nation how important they are and they must be paid for their serviceto the World.

David Nelson