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News of the Mueller Report (what we know so far anyway) is exactly as I predicted: Bob Mueller and his team of top-notch attorneys failed to find clear and convincing evidence that Donald Trump worked closely with Vladimir Putin to try to swing the 2016 election to Trump.

Many of my liberal friends are probably wailing into the wind, certain that the smoking gun is still hiding somewhere. And maybe it is. But skeptics like me have wondered all along: Why would Putin want to work closely with Trump, who is notorious for having a mouth bigger than his brain and an ego that controls almost every utterance?

A more important question is why anyone would need any more evidence, than what we had before Attorney General William Barr released his letter, to realize that America deserves a better president, a more honest president, a more ethical president.

Here’s another prediction: Donald Trump is not going to be impeached. It will be up to the American people to demonstrate our patriotism, basic decency, and good sense and vote him out of office. And I believe we will.

Anne Marie Holen