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Dear Editor:

I find it absolutely appalling that The Mountain Mail printed an article describing the legal battle that Kimberly Parker went through at the University of Colorado. This is an old story that is totally irrelevant for this election besides just being nothing more than tabloid news. This article is a very poorly disguised attempt to persuade voters to turn against Ms. Parker. It has absolutely no place in any paper.

It is so obvious that The Mountain Mail has a right to far right point of view in their editorial staff as well as their publisher, and that affects their ability to use common sense when deciding what to print. This election season here in Chaffee County has been a very clean and positive campaign season (that is, outside of some brutal attacks on Kerry Donovan from some very dark and out of state money). Why can’t we keep it that way? What can this editorial – this was not an article, written with facts and the holes in this piece are so blatantly obvious it disgusts this reader – possibly add to the discussion of the upcoming election? NOTHING!

Why doesn’t The Mountain Mail do some real journalism and find out who was behind the exposing of this story and why they felt it had to come out? Then add in why The Mountain Mail felt it needed to print this. It might be a surprise to many and important to all – much more important than the story itself.

And what has this article done? Well, I am sure it has caused much harm and pain to Ms. Parker, as it would to anyone who has been through such a traumatic experience. Along with the Mail’s defense of the city of Salida’s new city administrator, as well as supporting the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh to our Supreme Court, The Mountain Mail shows a complete and obvious disregard to all women and equal rights for all people.

Kimberly grew up in rural Colorado as well as rural Appalachia in a difficult family situation, and by the time she was 17, she was living on her own. She put herself through high school and college and has risen through much adversity. For her to suffer the indignity of this article is very sad and frustrating for so many of us in the community.

She now works full time for the Alliance Against Domestic Abuse and serves as the chair of the Housing Policy Advisory Committee.

Chris B. Miller