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Dear Sirs,

According to an article in Tuesday’s Jan. 11, 2022, Mountain Mail, both Buena Vista Superintendent Lisa Yates, and Principal Jon Ail will be “guest speakers” this Friday for a gathering of the Chaffee County Patriots. Their stated questions could be seen as an attempt to intimidate our public school leaders.

Chaffee County Patriots is a closed group that, according to the Ark Valley Voice Sept. 10, 2020, is a hate group with membership criteria stated as including “the willingness of its members to arm themselves and be ready to defend their values.”

Ark Valley Voice further learned that Chaffee Patriots social media “is filled with right-wing memes advocating violence and hatred, disinformation, and expressions of threatening attitudes to those moderates and liberals with whom they apparently disagreed.”

As a citizen of Chaffee County, I expect that our school officials avoid aligning themselves with partisan political gatherings and groups.

Mary Roberts