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Dear Editor,

Ark Valley Helping Hands Offers Thanks Salida Students.

On November 19, Ark Valley Helping Hands (AVHH) delivered 200 Holiday Food Bags to its members throughout Chaffee County. This project was a collaboration between AVHH and the Salida Community Center. They had a much-needed hand provided by Sophie Pressly and her group of Salida High School students who are part of the Heart of the Community Christmas Drive, a program that aims to “get high school students engaged in community service.”

Each student is sponsored by community members who donate money to the program based on their service hours. The money raised is used to purchase Christmas gifts for local children in need. For this particular project, Sophie and Kira Kuhl, Amy Adams, Gwen Ramsey, Cassidy Gillis, and Lydia Tonnesen wrapped 80 cookbooks and put ribbon on 200 bags. It took them three hours.

The wrapping and ribbon added a beautiful holiday touch to what the members received, and we couldn’t have done it without the students! Especially during this COVID year, anything special, unexpected, and festive is a big boon to the members of AVHH.

Thank you so much, Sophie and your gang of helpful do-gooders!


Nancy Best

AVHH BV Program Coordinator