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Dear Editor,

A prominent feature of the Georgia indictment of Donald Trump and alleged co-conspirators is the disturbing attack on local election workers and officials.  Our clerk, Lori Mitchell, is the target of a coordinated attack seeking to undermine confidence in her as our [Chaffee County] election official.

The local group, HICCUP, is asking to visually inspect ballots from the 2022 election without redaction of personal identifying information.

HICCUP has been informed by Clerk Mitchell that it is illegal, under Colorado Statutes to allow ballots to be examined without redaction of personal identifying information (CRS 24-72-205.5).

HICCUP has also been informed that it is welcome to examine the ballots once both sides of more than 10,000 ballots have been redacted.  There is a charge for this redaction, also allowed by law (CRS 24-72-205.5).

These facts have not satisfied them and HICCUP continues to attack and deride Clerk Mitchell on social media, online, and at County Commissioner meetings.

JoAnne Allen