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Dear Editor,

Chaffee County Commissioner Keith Baker has served our country, defending our rights globally, serving 23 years in the United States Navy, retiring with the rank of Commander. In civilian life, the Bakers bought and grew The Trailhead and Trailhead Cycle & Ski. As a public servant, Baker was a BV town trustee for 8 years until 2016 when he was elected to serve our county as Commissioner. Keith’s life experience of consistent and dedicated service provides an unparalleled foundation for leadership in Chaffee County.

Chaffee County Commissioner Keith Baker. Image by Luke Urbine, Arkansas Valley Digital Imaging/AVDI.

Dedicated to serving God & country, family and community, Keith has served in more leadership roles as a citizen, business-person, Episcopal church member, and public servant than can be listed here. For details: Baker’s initiative and conviction on revising the Comprehensive Plan alone, which former BOCCs neglected, is proof of his selfless courage and vision.

Commissioner Baker is a tireless contributor and sees things through. Baker brings reliability, experience, commitment, wisdom and a deep appreciation for the importance of pride in one’s Country and local community. Commissioner Baker has proven his ability to manage shared resources as well as bring people of different points of view together to learn from each other. Living in Chaffee County for 16 years, Baker has formed relationships with citizens across the county from all walks of life, which allows him to hear, represent, and serve all citizens.

Commissioner Baker defends citizens’, business owners’ and ranchers’ rights and best interests while working to protect and improve all aspects of Chaffee County. Accomplishments include work with: Affordable & Workforce Housing, Public Safety, Human/Worker Rights, State & Federal Representation, Envision Chaffee County, Transportation issues (including Cottonwood Pass, the Shuttle and Stage & Rail Trail), County Comprehensive Plan, and Public Lands, to name a few.

Commission Baker is well informed about the impending impact of growth, approaching decisions with a methodical collaborative approach. We have personally experienced working with Keith on the County Comprehensive Plan, Envision workgroups, Housing Policy Advisory Committee and Rancher’s Forum. Baker quotes ecologist [Barry] Commoner that “Everything is related to everything else” and acts accordingly. Baker listens to and answers community members. Some have wondered if Baker has a ‘double’ as he is everywhere: county gatherings, local roundtables, state meetings, business/nonprofit meetings, representing Chaffee County with selfless, articulate, professionalism.

Commissioner Baker has the experience, drive, knowledge, tenacity, and passion to guide Chaffee County into the next phase of its growing identity, while maintaining what makes Chaffee the rich historic place that it is. Baker honors our ranching, Native, and natural history by pouring himself into defending what makes Chaffee unique.

While Baker is ‘hitting his stride’ as our Commissioner, it is imperative to leverage our investment and RE-ELECT this strong, proven, dedicated and experienced leader that will see the job through and carry on and complete all the excellent work done thus far to protect and defend Chaffee County’s best interests.

Baker is the real thing, the sure horse, and straight shooter. For the good of us all, #KeepKeith

Jacy and Thomas Doumas

Buena Vista