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Dear Editor: Blame continues to be heaped on President Biden for rising gas prices without basis in fact.

Blame: President Biden’s cancellation of Phase IV of the Keystone Pipeline has contributed to high gas prices.

Fact:  Phase IV of the Keystone Pipeline was not in operation at the time of cancellation and would not have been completed until 2023 so cancellation has not contributed to rising gas prices.

Blame: President Biden has put a halt to new oil and gas drilling leases.

Fact: A Louisiana Judge issued an injunction against the administration using “societal cost” data related to climate change when considering applications for wells.  The injunction put a hold on applications requesting that information.  The administration has appealed the injunction.  The “societal cost” information requested was to help the administration develop policies to address the horrific cost in lives and property damage resulting from climate change.

Blame: The president has done little to encourage domestic oil production.

Fact: President Biden called out oil producers at least as far back as November 2021, when he accused them of a slow ramp-up in production to force gas prices higher.  He, again, recently accused them of profiteering from fuel shortages.  The June 16, edition of The Wall Street Journal reports energy companies and commodities traders have sharply increased their export of gasoline and diesel to Latin American countries and other foreign markets where they can get higher prices than in the U.S.

Congressional Republicans were among the most vocal in insisting that the U. S. stop importing Russian oil and fuels including diesel setting the stage for their opportunity to blame President Biden for rising gas and diesel prices.

Sig Jaastad

Buena Vista