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Thanks all around for everyone who attended the recent Central Colorado Humanist’s Scholarship Fundraiser. The advertising poster read “Jenkinson as Powell” and, believe me, that is just what we experienced in the SteamPlant that afternoon.

John Wesley Powell walked on stage and captivated the audience. Powell told the story of taking his men with great peril down the then-unknown Grand Canyon. What an adventure! Powell then went on to tell the story of how forewarned our federal government was against developing the West without taking into account water issues that are very different than the East. We are now seeing just how forward-thinking Powell was.

Clay Jenkinson was told loud and clear that he is welcome back to Salida anytime!

We are so grateful to our local sponsors and hope that you show your thanks by supporting them. Salida Books sold a number of books about John Wesley Powell’s life and books written by Clay Jenkinson.  RiverBoat Works, KHEN, Wood’s Distillery, 7000 Feet, Benson’s Tavern, River Runners, and RMOC, all great lovers of the river, supported the event. Thanks so much!

As a direct result of your support, the Central Colorado Humanists awarded nine scholarships of $1,500 each – all to amazing students in our area. Please help us continue this tradition. Our upcoming Fall Garage Sale will also help refill our scholarship pot. Contribute your “stuff” and buy slightly used “treasures”! We will be posting the time and place in the Mountain Mail, Ark Valley Voice, and on many signs around Salida.

Thank you!
The Central Colorado Humanists