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Many thanks to Chaffee County Clerk Lori Mitchell and her A-team staff. Chaffee County is so fortunate to have a County Clerk that engages with the community in the positive way Ms. Mitchell and her staff do. As one of over 17,000 registered voters in Chaffee, I have complete and total confidence in the County’s readiness for our November 2nd election.

My husband and I were citizen observers for the recent Logic and Accuracy Test of the voting machines. It was another opportunity to participate in the democratic process in our county. We were randomly selected in groups of 3 and sat with members of all party affiliations to watch the testing. Some even brought donuts!!

There was an opportunity to submit questions and over 20 questions were asked and expertly answered by the Clerk’s office.  All but 1 question were asked by the same two participants.

Thank you again and we’ll see you soon at the ballot box…oh wait, we get to vote by mail-lucky us!

Lynne and Walt Drogosz