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As the recently re-elected Chair of the Chaffee County Republicans, I feel compelled to respond to the recent letter to the editor penned by Alan Seeling. I willingly defend Mr. Seeling’s right to express his opinions and concerns regarding the Chaffee County Organizational Meeting, held Saturday, February 11, 2023, at the Poncha Springs Town Hall.

In response, however, to his opening rhetorical question of “How is it that very few people I have met, including myself, heard anything about such meeting?”, I offer the following:

1. The “Official Call” notice was sent out to our email recipients on January 13, 2023. This email was sent 30 days before the Organizational Meeting. Emails are sent to registered Republicans and Conservatives who choose to subscribe to our list. Anyone who would like to receive our emails is welcome to contact the Chaffee County Republican Chair at “”

2. A meeting notice was sent to the local newspapers [including this publication] as well as the local radio stations.

3. Notice was posted on Facebook and Chaffee County Republican webpage (although since removed from the page after the meeting had taken place).

4. On December 9, 2022, I received an email from Mr. Seeling with the Subject line “FYI, No longer a participant in, what used to be, U.S. Politics”. The body of the email stated, in part, “I am so disgusted with the Republicans and the Democrats that I am going to register as a Libertarian”. Should anyone reading this letter be interested, I would be happy to offer it to the editor for publication.

5. With Mr. Seeling’s statements, we removed his email address from our distribution list. He has not received any emails from Chaffee GOP as of December 10th. However, if he or anyone else would like to subscribe to our list, we would be happy to accommodate them.

6. In that Mr. Seeling stated he is the Former Chair of the Chaffee County GOP, I assume he has read Chaffee’s County’s GOP Bylaws as well as the Colorado State GOP Bylaws, both of which mandate the Organizational meeting every two years. I am surprised Mr. Seeling did not know this event would happen between the 1st and 15th of February this year.

7. Mr. Seeling resigned from the position of Chair between the primary election and the recount for Tina Peters. It is his right to support Ms. Peters if he chooses.

8. For an update on SB23-101, please go to

Kathy Rogers – Chair, Chaffee County Republicans

Editor’s Note: the letter to which Ms. Rogers refers can be accessed here.