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Dear Editor:

I vote for the person not the party. Granzella has done good things, but Parker’s the right person for commissioner now. In 42 years there’s been only one woman commissioner. Parker’s work on affordable housing shows she is thoughtful, passionate and resourceful. She understands vulnerable populations.

I wrestled with 1A on conservation, but this is the time. Once our ag lands, forests and vistas are gone, they aren’t coming back. 6A for the fire departments is needed. Staying rural is important.

I hesitate to amend our state constitution, but a “Yes” vote on most amendments and propositions are needed this time. School funding statewide is embarrassing and dangerous. Amendment 73 will help greatly and impacts only those who can more afford it and the businesses who will reap the benefits of an educated workforce.

Amendment 75 doesn’t correct the broken campaign contribution process, so vote “No.” Regarding transportation, Prop 109 has only one project nearby. Prop 110 gives more local control and options and has visitors paying some of the costs.

Prop 112 on drilling is tough. Protecting health and safety is imperative, but this isn’t the right ballot issue. Companies could abide by new rules and then have municipalities still increase setbacks. That’s not fair to businesses and employees. The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission can already modify setbacks if good science proves negative health effects.

Do your own research. Good resources are for candidates and the non-partisan sites of or PLEASE participate in our democracy and VOTE!

Karen Dils
Buena Vista