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To the editor,

There have been recent statements made in public meetings and a lack of clarity in the community regarding the relationship that Colorado Mountain College has with Nestlé Waters [North America, Inc.]

While Colorado Mountain College had an annually renewed agreement with Nestlé that involved Leadville students collecting scientific data, this agreement is no longer in effect. The agreement provided field learning opportunities to our students and this work has not taken place since the 2019 field season.

CMC is not developing a truck driving program, nor any other educational programming, with Nestlé Waters, and has not received any donations from Nestlé toward educational programming or any other end.

Independently, CMC is offering a CDL training course in Salida in response to the need for certified drivers at local businesses. That course will start in late March 2021. CMC works closely in all of its communities with businesses across sectors to enhance employment opportunities and support workforce needs, and this program is one of many we intend to implement in the coming years.

Colorado Mountain College maintains strong relationships with local and regional businesses across the college district and works hard to nurture partnerships that benefit students, workforce development, and community development.

Because the Salida area is our newest community partner, I encourage you to reach out to CMC Salida or me at any time if you’d like to understand our operations, relationships, and plans to serve you. We take great pride in maintaining a trusting and open relationship with our communities and we appreciate the incredible support we have received from the communities of Salida and Poncha Springs.

Rachel Pokrandt

Colorado Mountain College Vice President and Campus Dean, Leadville and Chaffee County Campuses