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Dear Editor:

I first met Kimberly Parker ten years ago while I was teaching at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Ms. Parker was the IT expert on the software interface being used for teaching classes and provided excellent instruction on what was a complicated system. She impressed me right away with her sharp intellect and astute mind, and I soon found that she had compassion and an ability to relate to others. Ms. Parker has been not only a long-time colleague and peer, but has been a good friend. I can vouch for her integrity, and state with absolute confidence that she is reliable, honest, and listens to others’ perspectives with an open mind.

Ms. Parker has spent years preparing for the role of Commissioner by working in the IT and business industry as well as in social services. She has the ability to see issues at a strategic planning level, as well as at the personal level. She has become informed on the issues important to Chaffee County through her work with different sectors, and has built relationships with many community members.

I heartily and fully endorse Kimberly Parker, and believe that her qualities of being smart, honest, compassionate and personable make her an excellent candidate for the position of Commissioner. I look forward to her having a voice in making decisions that impact so many.

V. F. Sloan, Ph.D.