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This letter was sent to our county commissioners:

Good morning commissioners,

As a very long-time residence of Chaffee County, I have seen much growth. Some of which is great and some of which is haphazard and not well thought out. I have always loved this valley and felt so lucky to have chosen to live and have a business here.  I thought 1A was to take us in the right direction after the elections last fall.

Please put more thought and time into the development at Centerville. I have always dreaded the day when we started to lose the ranch lands around us. We know things change but let us keep our county an attractive place to live.

I think it is very important that the new developer at Centerville install a central water and sewage system. This leads to the point that more independent impact studies on the effects on wildlife, water, traffic onto the highway and the cost to Chaffee County residents and taxpayers.

It is also time to put a moratorium on subdivisions in Chaffee County until we have a comprehensive update plan on developments and land use codes.

Thanks for your service and all the effort you put into the hard and difficult decisions you must make for the citizens of Chaffee County.

I know we need more housing in Chaffee County but I am not sure Centerville is the answer. Affordable housing is my main concern and to me, affordable housing should be close to the job opportunities of our towns.

Rita Auer