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Dear Editor:

As the wife of Frank McMurry when he was elected to the Chaffee County Board of Commissioners, I know firsthand what it takes to be a strong leader to represent all interests in the county. One needs to have been involved in the community to understand the people, the assets to be protected, and any deficiencies or problems that a commissioner needs to address.

Frank McMurry was a volunteer fireman, served on the County Fair Board, was on the Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District Board for years, a 4-H leader and on the Buena Vista school board. We now have a candidate, Rusty Granzella, who has been involved similarly with the community for years. Rusty has valuable experience with his business background in banking and overseeing and understanding budgets, serving on the Salida City Council and as chairman of the board of Mountain River Credit Union.

Rusty also volunteers time with the Salida Rotary Club, Knights of Columbus, Sons of Italy and officiating youth sports. Rusty Granzella is highly qualified to be our next Chaffee County Commissioner through his proven experiences and knowledge in the past and present to lead us into the future.

Experience is not just something. It is everything. Vote for Rusty Granzella for Chaffee County commissioner.

Connie McMurry