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Dear Editor,

I’m a conservative. We have a choice between three Chaffee County Commissioner candidates. I will not be voting for Republican candidate Brandon Becker, he lacks the necessary experience, PT Wood is part of the “Good Old Boys Club”.

The remaining option, Unaffiliated Adriane Kuhn is my clear choice. I first met with Adriane shortly after she decided to run. I saw someone who was smart and strong, but still finding her way as a candidate. Meeting with her again months later, the transformation was amazing. After study and exposure to the public, she has confidently grown into the role of candidate and future commissioner. Adriane is a formidable but very likable person, and should not be underestimated.

Some of Adriane’s personal beliefs do not align with my own. Generally, these are issues which will not come before the BoCC. But in Adriane I see an independent-minded person who listens, processes information, and proactively solves problems. As a mother of school-age children, Adriane will bring a much-needed difference in perspective to the BOCC. Please give her a chance.

I will also be voting for Elaine Allemang as a write-in for Chaffee County Clerk. Trust is earned. Anyone who has seen Elaine in action at the Salida Community Center knows she is the real deal. Tired of hearing questions about Chaffee County elections, but never getting any answers? Partisanship has no place in the Clerk’s office. Please give Elaine Allemang the opportunity to make this a reality.

Former Mayor, Salida
Jim LiVecchi