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During these critical final days before the election, it is so important to learn each candidate’s stand on federal and state public land issues that affect Chaffee County’s great recreation and wonderful quality of life, as well as the broader impact on our shared public lands.

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is one of three endangered public lands featured in Patagonia’s new documentary, Public Trust. Photo courtesy U.S. Fish & Wildlife

All our government leaders – including our County Commissioners, State Representative, U.S. Representative, U.S. Senator and President – make decisions that either protect or diminish our rivers, forests, wildlife, trails, backcountry roads, and campsites.

Unfortunately, in the past four years, some government leaders have dismantled many of the laws and cut the budgets that support our special places and the outdoor businesses that add so much to our local economy. We Chaffee citizens are the owners of our public lands and we need to know each candidate’s stance on public land issues.

This is your chance to help elevate our public lands, waters, and wildlife as key issues in this 2020 election!

With respect for our at-risk Public Lands

Rita Auer

Lizzy Bauer

Jacy Doumas

Erica Gift

Lois Walton

Chaffee County Residents