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I’m voting for Kerry Donovan. As our current state senator, Kerry has a proven record of protecting Western Colorado’s water, lands and environment. Huge quantities of dark money behind her opponent’s campaign come in part from big corporate polluters –

Those slick brochures touting her opponent Olen Lund are the result of bad campaign laws allowing companies to spend millions attacking citizen candidates like Kerry. Corporations spend big to influence our elections. “Free speech?” But they are not living citizens. I love the bumper sticker: “I’ll believe corporations are people the day that Texas executes one.”

I’m a registered independent. Do these corporate folks think I will be a sucker for all their colorful pro-Lund fliers packed with lies? This literature wants you to think Olen is one of us, and would stand up to Denver for our Western Colorado values – yet paid for by mysterious dark money organizations like “Colorado Economic Leadership Fund” and “Senate Majority Fund” – based where? Denver!

Kerry Donovan, by contrast, works to serve people. She has worked to secure funding for rural broadband internet – vital to expanding small businesses and employment opportunities for our region. Kerry is also an advocate for better rural healthcare. Special interests are against healthcare because people, not corporations, need doctors, nurses and hospitals.

Let’s re-elect Kerry Donovan. She has worked hard for the ordinary citizens of our district. Her wannabe opponent already owes a huge debt to corporate and out-of-state dark money.

Roger Cox,


Editor’s note: there is officially no such status as a ‘registered independent.’ Those not associated with a specific political party are known as unaffiliated voters.