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I am a retired businessman who has spent more than 30 years at my home outside of Salida. We moved our business to Salida, where it thrived for four years until I sold it in order to retire.

In recent years I have observed noticeable changes in this county’s political philosophies. Left wing candidates entice voters with egalitarianism for all, while conservatives believe income should be proportionate to their contribution to the local and national economy.

Now that this is an election year, I hope our voters look back on those who have worked here to survive through challenging times, raised their families, and been actively involved in the communities. The District 3 County Commissioner contest has some very contrasted candidates.

Rusty Granzella carries the Granzella family heritage forward with his background and proven leadership as a business owner who understands risk. His parents made him understand the rewards one can achieve with hard work when he began by sweeping floors in the successful Ford dealership to working his way up to manage the entire business. Rusty is known for his quiet generosity and integrity, serving on innumerable boards and volunteering his services for the betterment of all in the county. The choice is obvious to vote for Rusty Granzella, who is known and respected in this county.

If you liked the left’s handling of the Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination, then your choice is obvious.

However, if you are founded in conventional values, then Rusty Granzella is your choice for the same principals.

Kerry Mackenroth