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Dear Editor:


Salida Men’s Town Team Basketball League believes the required fees for using the Salida School District gyms are too high.  Hmmmm.

Using the information printed in the 1/23/20 MM, the SMTTBL has between 20 to 30 participants, practicing/playing two(2) times a week, for five and a half months.  By estimating two(2) hours each evening, using the midpoint attendance of 25 BB players and just $5 per hour per athlete, here’s  the MATH:

One athlete working out 4 hours per week X $5/hr = $20.
25 participants X $20/week = $500.
5 1/2 months = 23 weeks (2020 calendar)
23 weeks x $500 per week = $11,500.

[Season Total cost using $5.00/hr = $11,500]

Each BB player’s total cost: $20 per week X 23 weeks = $460.
Approximate monthly cost per athlete = $84.
Amount cushion for SMITTBL = $1,500.

Additional options:
[Season Total cost using $4.50/hr: = $10,350]
[Season Total cost using $4.00/hr: = $9,200]
Amount Salida School Board has requested = $10,000

Unless you have been a public school employee, I doubt you realize the financial challenges of providing for today’s youngsters education.  The huge cuts in state funding during the latest recession and the effects of the Gallager Amendment, Proposition 23 and TABOR have choked education finances for years in Colorado.  In addition school districts are required to use best practices related to safety issues due to the recent school shootings, creating additional significant costs.

Monthly Membership in the recently opened Anytime Fitness in Poncha Springs is $50 (plus gas).  Our Hot Springs Pool daily charge is $11 per adult. My modest estimated hourly fee of $5 is about equal to the purchase of a cup of good coffee and less than a good beer (plus tip).

I am opposed to giving 20 to 30 citizens a break at the cost of short changing our students’ education. Every dollar counts.

Eileen Rogers

Salida, 35 yrs. public educator