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A letter to the community,

Across time and land, agriculture is sown into the history and soil of Colorado. From plowing up square miles of land to grow sugar beets, to farming an acre of mixed greens, or maintaining a couple hives on hilly fields, all forms of agriculture help preserve the heritage of our state and support its economic stability. Growing up in the mountains, I know just how different things are in rural Colorado. Over regulation can be a burden for small agriculture properties; that is why I’m excited to sponsor a bill to decrease regulation for small operations.

Currently, a farm stand for a small property can be denied a permit to sell what they grow solely because they’re small – this doesn’t seem fair. HB19-1191 will change that by allowing any size farm or ranch to sell their products through farm stands.

As a rancher myself, I know from personal experience that the men and women of the Colorado agricultural community are some of the hardest working people in the state, and I hope with this bill that I can ease some of the burdens they face when selling these products to their communities.

Kerry Donovan
Colorado Senator, District 5