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Dear Editor:

Chaffee County does not have time for our electeds to climb a learning curve. We need experienced leadership to guide us now. I’m writing to support our most experienced candidates, PT Wood, Lori Mitchell and Jeff Graf.

PT Wood will be ready to lead Chaffee County on day one as our new Commissioner. He will again bring years of experience in affordable housing, planning, and good governance to our county.

Lori Mitchell has worked in the clerk’s office for eleven years. Before she was elected, she worked and learned under respected clerk, Joyce Reno. While elections are always a focus, Lori Mitchell’s office records deeds, issues marriage licenses and manages the motor vehicle department. She is competent and experienced. Alan Seeling writes of Lori, “As chair of the county GOP I am very happy to support your continued presence as County Clerk.”

Jeff Graf has 20 years of experience in the Coroner’s office. He compassionately grieved with us through the COVID epidemic. Jeff was asked to assist in Lake County when the coroner there was removed from office. He was elected Vice President of the Colorado Coroners Association and appointed to sit on Colorado’s Standards and Training Board. While unopposed on our ballot, a vote for Jeff will express our support for his compassionate service as our coroner.

JoAnne Allen