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As is the case for many of you, selecting our next county commissioner is a difficult decision for me. We have two good people in the race. As I thought about who would contribute the most, I considered Kimberly Parker’s intelligence, thoughtfulness, persistence and innovative approaches. She is articulate, visionary and an initiator. She takes the time to research issues and even statutes. She will do more than attend to day-to-day business. She has clearly stated her priorities and will follow through with them in a respectful manner.

I know Kimberly from work on the Housing Advisory Policy Committee (HPAC). She has done an outstanding job of facilitating this county-wide effort. Her professional background is in human services. She personally knows those who struggle with finding adequate and reasonably-priced housing, understanding the difference safe and decent housing makes. Her leadership has contributed to positive momentum.

Kimberly also has a background in IT. Her thorough knowledge of the technical details of improving our broadband access will assist with this continuing issue by ensuring that redundancy is actually achieved. She has the ability to evaluate options available for partnerships that will improve our county service.

I believe Kimberly has the skills, communication style and caring approach needed to enhance the progress, transparency and reputation of the Board of County Commissioners. Her common-sense style of decision making will be an asset along with her ability to identify key points within an issue. She understands the important tasks associated with growth that now face elected officials. Please join me in supporting Kimberly Parker for Chaffee County Commissioner.

Cheryl Brown-Kovacic
Ward 2 Salida City Council Member